Rare macro in Tulamben

Conic Spider Crab (Xenocarcinus conicus) is rare macro…but not such rare macro in Tulamben, because Tulamben dive sites are known for its rare macro critters!

Pygmy seahorse is among some of the sought after macro critters that can be spotted, particularly at the USAT Liberty Shipwreck. Divers are advised to keep a close eye on such coral structures as sea fans, where the tiny animal will be camouflaging itself on.
That’s part of the thrill for many divers passionate about macro diving – finding nature’s treasures! Tulamben is renowned, without a doubt, for some of Bali’s best macro diving; and enthusiasts, such as underwater photographers, won’t be disappointed!

Contact Bali Dream Divers‘ team to arrange a diving package to explore the best of Tulamben. Follow our Facebook and Instagram to get up-to-date news on any awesome sightings our dive guides and their guests see underwater!


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