Balinese art

Whether you’re travelling to Bali for diving or not, you must attend a religious ceremony to witness the incredibly entrancing Balinese traditional dance!

Culture found on the ‘Island of the Gods’ is world renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms, particularly the music that accompanies dance. Musical instruments comprise primarily of an ensemble of bronze metal and bamboo xylophones played with mallets, kendhang (hand-played drums), suling (bamboo flutes), celempung (zither) – played in combination is the gamelan. Unlike other Indonesian gamelan styles, the Balinese gamelan has more rapid changes of tempo, which offers a spectacular display of dance skill to match!

See for yourself the many cultural attractions there is in Bali through our active Twitter feed and contact Bali Dream Divers local staff team for more information on upcoming ceremonies. We wouldn’t hesitate to invite you to one of Tulamben’s local pura (temple), so you may immerse yourself in a spiritual experience in spectating the uniquely beautiful Balinese dance and music!


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