SAFE diving in Tulamben

The practise of SAFE diving in Tulamben couldn’t have been a more safe experience for Bali Dream Divers staff team member Putu.


Barong protects Bali

Hideous statues (ogoh-ogoh) to represent mythological beasts (demons) can usually be seen during Nyepi (New Year of the Balinese calender).

Bali’s naked gills?

‘Nudi’ is from the Latin ‘nudus’ meaning ‘naked’; ‘branchs’ meaning ‘gills’ from the Greek ‘brankhia’.

Get to the natural Bali ‘train’

Just about every sunrise and sunset divers can see a group of bumphead parrotfish that are most likely a family, leaving and returning their home of the USAT Liberty Shipwreck.

Shrimp relations

That just goes to show how independent the species is – with a smashing and spearing strength that can’t be matched, who needs ‘friends’!?

Frogfish will lure you to Bali!

When a substantially large frogfish is spotted at a dive site in Tulamben, divers will take any opportunity to see the fish in action.

‘I’m the King of Boga Wreck, Bali’!

For our energetic Australian guest, his dive to Boga Wreck in Kubu was not only another logged dive, but also to complete an adventure dive towards certifying as PADI Advanced Open Water diver.