‘I’m the King of Boga Wreck, Bali’!

Sam is such a jovial character, we were so uplifted at Bali Dream Divers by his awesome presence and enthusiasm for scuba diving…especially when our PADI Pro Diver could hear him gurgle loudly underwater: ‘I’m the King of Boga Wreck, Bali!’

We miss Sam so much now that he’s travelled back to Australia, and he made such an amazing impression with his personality, we decided to focus on another blog about him! For our energetic Australian guest, his dive to Boga Wreck in Kubu was not only another logged dive, but also to complete an adventure dive towards certifying as PADI Advanced Open Water diver. Kubu is 5 minutes’ north of Tulamben village, and as part of any of our ‘Stay & Dive’ packages (whether guests are diving for fun or students of a PADI dive course), our ‘Dream Team’ include transportation to dive sites along Bali’s north east coast (Amed, Tulamben and Kubu).

There are two core dives that must be completed as part of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, which are the PADI Deep Adventure dive and the PADI Underwater Navigator dive; 3 more elective dives also contribute towards qualifying. This will be discussed between the student and their professional PADI Instructor…just bear in mind, some adventure dives are not possible…PADI Ice Diver, for example! No ice in a tropical paradise , such as Tulamben! Please ask for anymore (tropical!) information when you contact our ‘Dream Team’ to arrange a suitable itinerary for your stay with us at Bali Dream Divers!


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