Frogfish will lure you to Bali!

Frogfish will lure you to Bali, not with their illicium/esca but rather their beautiful strangeness!

From the family Antennariidae, this name is derived from the root word for ‘antenna’, and many species evolved with an illicium/esca that they use to lure their prey into a false sense of security. When a substantially large frogfish is spotted at a dive site in Tulamben, divers will take any opportunity to see the fish in action. One particular behaviour that is so interesting is the frogfish feeding. Their mouths enlarge with every opening as they prepare to strike at their prey. Once they have lashed out, it’s a matter of a few milliseconds…unseen by the naked eye; and more importantly unseen by other fish or prey, so they may continue to feed in their chosen area. Its commonly used name frogfish is no accident either, due to its feeding behaviour; the nature is just as a frog would lash out its tongue to capture its own prey!

Presently, a frogfish has taken up the ‘Drop Off’ dive site as its preferred territory, but for what amount of time?…not even the frogfish itself knows! Contact the ‘Dream Team’ soon for a few days of scuba diving with our Bali Dream Divers’ experienced local dive guides whenever there’s word of a frogfish about in Tulamben, Bali!


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