Shrimp relations

Could there be shrimp relations between the peacock mantis shrimp and a cleaner shrimp?

As our diving guests and their PADI Pro Diver guides pondered this while they photographed and admired the peacock mantis and its ‘friend’, their conclusion after much research on the aggressive peacock mantis shrimp is that it has very few symbiotic relationships with others animals…if any! That just goes to show how independent the species is – with a smashing and spearing strength that can’t be matched, who needs ‘friends’!?

Contact the ‘Dream Team’ to arrange a ‘Stay & Dive’ package with our Bali Dream Divers’ professional dive guides (aka. bodyguards), whom we are sure you will have a wonderful symbiotic relationship with during your time with us in Tulamben, Bali!


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