Bali’s naked gills?

Bali’s naked gills? It makes sense to avid divers, whose favourite underwater creatures are nudibranchs, sometimes known as sea slugs.

‘Nudi’ is from the Latin nudus meaning ‘naked’; ‘branchs’ meaning ‘gills’ from the Greek brankhia. There are far too many nudibranch species (over 2000…so far!) to remember all of them, but your Bali Dream Divers‘ PADI Instructor will gladly assist you in identifying which of the two kinds of nudibranch you find during your dives with us in Tulamben. It’s always a great idea to record what you see underwater, because describing such complex beauties of nudibranchs is surprisingly difficult. So get yourself an underwater camera, which you can rent from our ‘Dream Team’, and check after your dive for lively post-SCUBA discussion!

If it’s a dorid nudibranch, such as Ceratosoma trilobatum (three-lobed T-bar nudibranch; pictured): it will have a plume of it’s gills in at least one cluster on its posterior. The gills of an aeolid nudibranch: are in the form of lots of cerata (which looks like a fringe decoration) covering almost all of their body.

Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to come ‘Stay & Dive’ with us in Tulamben, Bali – the more divers to find new nudibranchs, the more beauty there is in the world!


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