Barong protects Bali

In Balinese Hinduism mythology, the king of the spirits, Barong, protects Bali from evil spirits.

Ogoh-ogoh are hideous statues to represent the evil spirits, such as mythological beasts (demons), and can be seen during Nyepi (New Year of the Balinese calendar). Creative creations can be seen paraded by local residents through the streets of more developed districts (Denpasar, Kuta, Ubud) of the ‘Island of the Gods’. Ogoh-ogoh are paraded through Bali’s streets to ward off ‘evil spirits’, and the parade will finish at a cemetery to be burnt as an act of purification.

Lots of religious ceremonies take place throughout the year on Bali, and our ‘Dream Team’ would love nothing more than to offer you a calendar of future celebrations to experience. You may even be extended an invite to a ceremony taking place in Tulamben Village when you contact Bali Dream Divers!


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