Bali Dream Divers welcome…and farewell

US diving guests, Amber and Tim, thoroughly enjoyed our Dream Divers welcome…and farewell, as they continue their dive adventure around Bali, Island of the Gods!


Bali Dream Divers keep diving!

So it’s been an exciting last few days here along Tulamben’s shoreline with 2-3m surf and strong surge…but Bali Dream Divers keep diving!

Resident USAT Liberty barracuda

Resident USAT Liberty barracuda is really not all that intimidating; and just as any animal would behave, they would only attack if provoked.

Dreams of diving

Bungalow accommodation is available for our overnight guests, which is so convenient for divers who arrange more than a day of scuba diving in a dive package to suit their itinerary.

Diving Tulamben at sunrise

Best time of the day to dive is as soon as the day begins, and we always encourage our guests to experience diving Tulamben at sunrise!