Resident USAT Liberty barracuda

Resident USAT Liberty barracuda is really not all that intimidating; and just as any animal would behave, they would only attack if provoked.

Their facial structure is likened to a piranha, with sharp protruding teeth, but their fierce appearance is what engages many a diver. And our experienced local dive guides at Bali Dream Divers will include in their briefing about the resident ‘bad boy’ of the famous shipwreck. No matter what time of day, the barracuda can be seen hovering about (either on top of the wreck or the shallow sandy area nearby) waiting for an easy prey to devour.

Contact our ‘Dream Team‘ who will be delighted to organise a package for your fun diving, whether you are a certified diver or you’d like to ‘Try Dive’ – we can accommodate to your needs!


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