Bali Dream Divers keep diving!

So it’s been an exciting last few days here along Tulamben’s shoreline with 2-3m surf and strong surge…but Bali Dream Divers keep diving!

We experienced difficulty during entries and exits from the beaches, but the local village community of porters and both local and international professional divers assisted all divers without any report of serious injury. Surf zones have a particular method of entry and exit that requires strong support in team effort, and our quiet little village community really banded together more than ever to continue diving adventures during the temperamental tropical weather. As a treat for themselves after hanging up all the dive gear, our own experienced professionals decided to enjoy a bath in the dive equipment rinsing area at our dive centre! They deserve it after ‘juggling’ our busy day of both fun diving and ‘Try Dive’ guests!

Contact the ‘Dream Team’ (who are more the professional team they strive to be always after such an arduous experience with the weather), and arrange a few days of diving and they’ll prove they can handle most weather patterns!


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