Bali Dream Divers welcome…and farewell

US diving guests, Amber and Tim, thoroughly enjoyed our Bali Dream Divers welcome…and farewell, after they departed to continue their dive adventure around Bali, Island of the Gods!

Travelling around Bali, they decided on our hospitality to visit the famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck. Experienced dive guides at Bali Dream Divers also gave them an underwater tour of Boga Wreck in Kubu and the deep Drop Off wall dive in Tulamben among their 6 dives and 2 nights package. It was especially convenient that our operations also offer underwater camera rental, which Amber opted for on their last dive to take a few underwater selfies and record their time exploring the reefs of North East Bali, Indonesia!

Contact our ‘Dream Team’ as Amber and Tim did, and get a personalised itinerary to suit your needs to stay with us in Tulamben and go dive with our super fun guides too!


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