Always and forever in Tulamben!

When ‘herding’ these fish, take care to do so gently because they have a few venomous spines in their fins that MAY be fatal in certain circumstances (i.e. pre-existing medical conditions).


Sharing SCUBA in Bali

Travelling all the way from the USA, it was Jo & Mike’s first time visiting Asia, and we are so honoured they chose Bali, Indonesia.

Who are the dragons of the Bali Sea?

Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Advanced Open Water Diver student, Jo, is the proud underwater photographer of this stunning shot of a very relaxed (thankfully!) scorpionfish.

A Tulamben wake up call

Get in touch about our various scuba diving packages and experience the ‘Dream Team’ treatment as you GoPRO in Bali, Indonesia!

Subak and scuba?

Subak and scuba? Co-existing on Indonesia’s paradise island of Bali, the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Subak Irrigation System, and the tourism industry of world class scuba diving, have much in common!

Ghost pipefish and crinoids

Ghost pipefish (Solenostomus) and crinoids have a symbiotic relationship, so divers should make their very best effort to spy any of the ghost pipefish species nearby a stalked crinoid.

‘Goat’ scuba diving in Bali?

‘Goat’ scuba diving in Bali?…is a question never asked because the Island of the Gods is renowned for being a world class dive travel destination!

Tulamben’s Grand Pleurobranch

Night dives are a wonderfully unique experience set apart from dives during the daylight hours – particularly when Tulamben’s Grand Pleurobranch is spotted!