Subak and scuba?

Subak and scuba? Co-existing on Indonesia’s paradise island of Bali, the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Subak Irrigation System, and the tourism industry of world class scuba diving, have much in common!

Environmentally friendly scuba diving practices can be directly reflected in the response from Bali’s agrarian development – namely, rice fields. And, furthermore, the state of spirituality too, as high priests of Balinese temples are responsible for water management. Divers respect of their passion for our seas and oceans will maintain a healthy state of this paradise in our worlds’ ‘Coral Triangle’, and also Bali’s Subak Irrigation System!

Ask our Bali Dream Divers’ professional PADI Instructors to guide you to peak performance buoyancy when you visit Tulamben for your next dive adventure in Bali. Get more details when you contact our ‘Dream Team’ if you’d like to volunteer in an organised local beach ‘clean up’ too – we strive to do our part for the environment, but it’s always more fun and effective together!


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