Say ‘no’ to aquarium Maxima clam!

It’s unfortunate there’s illegal practices used in fishkeeping (i.e. GloFishTM), so don’t entertain the trade whatsoever; and particularly say ‘no’ to aquarium Maxima clam (Tridacna maxima)!

Known as the small giant clam, the Maxima clam is thankfully not a threatened species, but it is dependant on conservation. Its name derives from its family member the Giant Clam (Tridacna gigas), which it mimics – and the latter IS threatened with extinction due to its illegal trade for aquarium fishkeeping.

What an honour it is for divers to be able to see these creatures in the wild, and every effort must be made to maintain their environment – for the sake of their preservation and the future of scuba diving too. Dive with our experienced and passionate PADI professionals to discover the beautiful reefs of our Tulamben village in Bali, Indonesia. Contact the ‘Dream Team’, who will be delighted to arrange your itinerary to include accommodation at our lovely bungalow villas during your dive adventure with us at Bali Dream Divers!


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