Clark ‘the Greedy’ of Tulamben

It’s not specific to living in a symbiotic relationship with just this sea anemone though, and is the least specific – with an ability to live in all ten of those that host anemonefish!


Visiting Tulamben’s butterflyfish…again!

Didn’t you have enough of butterflyfish in the last blog? It’s a remarkably large fish family; and every species are worth visiting Tulamben’s butterflyfish…again!

Butterflyfish and scuba divers

Striking colours of the oval-spot butterflyfish make them conspicuous members of their family…that’s true of ALL butterflyfish…AND scuba divers!

The Greatest of Barracudas

The greatest of barracudas are usually found coasting the reefs all by themselves; showing their utmost lack of intimidation!

Tulamben’s Gladiators

Even inhospitable environments; from the deep and freezing abyssal plains’ oceanic trenches, to the sensational heat of hydrothermal vents; any number of the 10,000-strong polychaete family can and do exist!

Living dinosaurs in Tulamben, Bali

The green sea turtle is the most likely to be seen in Bali’s coastal waters, migrating from island-to-island; it’s paradise for the jurassic descendants too!

Growing up in Tulamben, Bali

Throughout their life, the canarytop wrasse (as well as its cousins) will develop different patterns: spots, bands, stripes and general colour; in accordance with its sexual maturity.