Bali’s communal jeep!

Bali’s communal jeep rests inside Kubu’s Boga Wreck!

Kubu is just 5 minutes’ drive from Tulamben and our Bali Dream Divers’ base, and our PADI Instructors’ always encourage their PADI Advanced Open Water Diver students to complete their PADI Deep Diver of the course at this spectacular wreck! Just a ‘baby’ compared with Tulamben’s USAT Liberty Shipwreck (in terms of age), but it requires much more SAFE standards of scuba diving because it’s much deeper. Lying at a 90° angle to the shoreline, the bow of the wreck is the shallowest at 18 metres already; the stern at 32 metres; with the propellers at the deepest depth of 38 metres – only a qualified PADI Divemaster may tour the entire structure!

Luckily, our Pro Divers are passionate about taking divers to GoPRO themselves on our ‘PADI Divemaster Challenge’! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ for a suitable arrangement to start your dive lifestyle in paradise Bali!


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