Living dinosaurs in Tulamben, Bali

There truly are still living dinosaurs in Tulamben, Bali! And the Chelonioidea superfamily have an especially remarkable resemblance to their reptilian ancestors!

Chelonia mydas or more commonly known as the green sea turtle (pictured) is the most likely to be seen in Bali’s coastal waters, migrating from island-to-island; it’s paradise for the jurassic descendants too, not just humans getting away from bustling city madness! There’s a lot to be mention on the conservation of all turtle species in general, and sadly the green sea turtle is one of those facing extinction, if their endangered status is not changed soon. One popular, and highly successful, method is preserving turtle hatcheries. It involves education and ‘hands-on’ experience for volunteers of such conservation programs to relate to the plight of the green turtle.

How could divers not be awed when seeing a green turtle in their natural habitat of the open ocean, knowing that it may likely have started its life being released by selfless hands at a beach near the waters’ edge? And not just that, but they could live for 80 years if we continue to do our part for the marine environment! Bali Dream Divers’ Pro Divers suggest guests to experience a few days of scuba diving for the likeliest chance to spot these magnificent reptiles! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to arrange a ‘Stay & Dive’ package – each night you will have dreams of diving with green turtles in your bungalow villa, and each day there’s a chance to live those dreams!


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