Tulamben’s Gladiators

Magnificent tube worm (Protula magnifica) is one species of Tulamben’s Gladiators…and no, it’s not some marine life sporting team!

You’ve got to recognise the polychaete family (of which the magnificent tube worm belong to) are truly gladiators of the seas and oceans of the world because they can be found anywhere in the world. Even inhospitable environments; from the deep and freezing abyssal plains’ oceanic trenches, to the sensational heat of hydrothermal vents; any number of the 10,000-strong polychaete family can and do exist! In the Indo Pacific, where our Bali Dream Divers Pro Divers explore, tube worms are diverse and plentiful!

Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to plan your next dive adventure, and find out how long it will take for you to lose count of the the tube worms there are when you experience one of our ‘Stay & Dive’ packages!


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