Bali’s Bicolor ‘Badass’!

Bicolor flabellina (Flabellina bicolor) would be Bali’s bicolor ‘badass’!

It’s always the small, quiet ones you’ve got to look out for…well, that’s how the saying goes! This aeolid nudibranch, is just like its many cousins: with stinging cnidocyte cells living in the cnidosacs of each cerrata that cover its body. Most aeolid nudibranch eat the poisonous cells of other creatures from hydroid sponges to sea anemones (those that are unprotected by anemonefish, anyways!) and store the toxin to use in their own defense against predators. Within each different underwater part of the world, the flabellina could be a slightly different variation of colour and this is due to the different type of sponge found in the area available for the nudibranch to eat. Whatever the colour of what the sea slug preys on, that is the colour displayed in its appearance due to ingesting its preys’ particular cnidocytes. Hypnotoxin is the common venom that these animals possess, and some can deliver a more potent sting than others!

So keep your dive skills sharp with further dive education when scuba diving – not just for the comfort of marine life, but also for your own confidence, fun and enjoyment to tour the underwater world! Contact the Bali Dream Divers’ ‘Dream Team’, who will advise a refresher for certified divers with our PADI Pro Divers; or enrol on a PADI Dive course under the guidance and supervision of our experienced and professional PADI Instructors when you’re in Tulamben, Bali!


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