Clark ‘the Greedy’ of Tulamben

Clark ‘the Greedy’ of Tulamben is no character from a Greek-saga! Amphiprion clarkii or more commonly referred to as Clark’s anemonefish will usually be found habitating beaded sea anemone. And othersgreedily!

It’s not specific to living in a symbiotic relationship with just this sea anemone though, and is the least specific species of anemonefish – with an ability to live in all ten of those that host anemonefish! Greedy, greedy, greedy! No, really – it’s remarkable how adaptive some fish are, and Clark’s anemonefish is a testament to their family in this regard. This species are immune to every anemone hosts’ stinging cells in their tentacles. Works for the fish because it shelters them from their predators, and the fish returns the favour!

Check out the peaceful co-existence of marine life on some dives around Tulamben during your experience of one of our Bali Dream Divers’ ‘Stay & Dive’ packages! Simply arrange what suits you best when you contact our ‘Dream Team’.


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