Parasite harbourer of Bali

Parasite harbourer of Bali are the threadfin breams (Nemipteridae family)- the poor fish!

Known as false snappers, threadfin breams can be seen with many parasites. And maybe its a bit morbid, but a carnivorous isopod feeding on a species of the sea bream makes for very striking underwater photography! Particularly this kind of parasite, as they look like a woodlice and can be seen externally clinging on to particular fish, or even certain crustaceans.

Many divers may overlook these false snappers, as they are fast-moving and population numbers are high, but take some time to check out a few docile ones during your dive excursions with our Bali Dream Divers‘ PADI Pros and you might spot one with an isopod on its scales! Contact the ‘Dream Team’ for a suitable ‘Stay & Dive’ program to increase your fish identification knowledge in the waters of the Tulamben shoreline in Bali, Indonesia!


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