Who’s afraid of the dark, Bali night dive?

Who’s afraid of the dark, Bali night dive? Not stripe-leg spiny lobster (Panulirus femoristriga) of the family Palinuridae, wait all day for the comforts of the dark!

Often lurking about cracks and crevices of the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, these lobsters take advantage of the dark, during which time they will hunt for their prey AND hide from their predators. They actually produce a rasping sound to deter their predators when they are unfortunate enough to come across a potential life-and-death situation. With the waggling movements of their antennae, a mechanism on either side of the head creates the sound due to friction – the mechanics is much like a violin string and bow.

Musically, it may not be as sweet as a violin (which explains why spiny lobsters can’t hear their own raspy sound themselves!), but whatever it takes in the case of self preservation, eh!? Get in touch soon for an underwater musical of spiny lobsters when you contact our ‘Dream Team’, and create a suitable ‘Stay & Dive’ package when you stay at our Bali Dream Divers’ bungalow villa accommodation in Tulamben, Bali!


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  1. Kiersten says:

    I am sure this ppost haas tohched alll thhe inhternet visitors, itts realy rerally good artiucle on building upp new wweb site.


    1. Hi Kiersten 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words! It’s been almost a year and it’s really worth the effort when we see our stats on traffic grow!


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