Desirable as Tulamben

A nudibranch as desirable as Tulamben, is the desirable flabellina (Flabellina exoptata); all divers can appreciate why!

Intricately detailed as nudibranchs can get, the desirable flabellina is a definite contender to win such a category in an award for it! At least the aeolid group of the nudibranch ‘nudiverse’ anyways! Now, as desirable as this nudibranch may appear, they possess undesirable cnidosacs in the ends of their cerrata (containing stinging cells called cnidocytes). The pale yellow is quite striking compared to other colours, which is an obvious sign to its predators to beware its sting! So it makes sense that the nudibranchs food source is the stinging cells of anemones, jellyfish and corals: from where it obtains as much of this defense mechanism to be effective as possible. One such nudibranch, commonly known as blue dragon or blue angel (depending on your perspective!) can cause an incredibly painful and dangerously fatal sting, because it’s food source is the famously poisonous Portuguese Man O’ War jellyfish!

Fascinating marine species live in our underwater world, and it’s our Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Instructors’ duty to educate you! Passion for fish identification comes so naturally to those who love scuba diving – sharing that passion with others, even more so! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to organise a ‘Stay & Dive’ package; and not only visit, but learn about the residents who live in our exciting underwater neighbourhood of the Bali Sea in Tulamben!


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