Persian Carpets flying through Tulamben!

We’re seeing Persian Carpets flying through Tulamben waters…Persian Carpet Flatworms that is!

Undoubtedly, the Persian Carpet Flatworm (Pseudobiceros bedfordi) creates such lovely undulating movements through the water column when in search of some hard substrate to settle on. They are also fast movers too; and these combined motor skills play a great deal in their mating behaviour of ‘penis fencing’! Many flatworms are hermaphroditic (i.e. Pseudobiceros hancockanus…seriously…) and in ‘penis fencing’, the two will duel for who gets to be the ‘father’. It’s not a slight against being the ‘mother’, it’s just that the one of the two finally inseminated will have substantial wounds from being pierced by one or both penis’ of its mate. Well, it’s not a matter of pleasure for the animal kingdom – strictly reproductive!

Behaviour of underwater creatures is what makes underwater creatures that much more fascinating, and our Bali Dream Divers‘ PADI Pro Divers and PADI Instructors wait patiently to witness more unique behaviour! Certainly it doesn’t happen everyday to witness mating behaviour, but ‘try you luck’ as we do, and contact our ‘Dream Team’ to create a suitable ‘Stay & Dive’ package to explore Tulamben as part of your Bali adventure!


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