Shrimps always celebrate ‘MOvember’!

Coral banded shrimps always celebrate ‘MOvember’ in Tulamben!

Stenopus hispidus, commonly called banded coral shrimp, have this distinctive blue moustache appearance of their cirri (tufts of hair for filter-feeding) used to ensnare their prey. It definitely ensnares the attention of divers, with its bold and brilliant blue! Their primary contribution (and it’s very important to health of the marine ecosystem!) is cleaning fish of parasites. They will sway their many white antennea to advertise their services to swimming reef fish; serving their needs too because the fish parasites are its meal! It’s so efficient as its ‘job’ that cleaner shrimp actually have THREE pairs of claws – making ‘cleaning’ a highly competitive business!

Under the supervision of our Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Pro Divers, coast slowly along the edge of the reef where cleaning stations are usually found. You’ll find fish and shrimp are in such ‘cleaning concentration’ to be distracted by divers’ presence! Contact the ‘Dream Team’ who will arrange a ‘Stay & Dive’ package for you to venture the dive sites of Tulamben village during the day and chill in your comfortable bungalow villa in the evening.


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