Maternal shrimps in Bali

It’s one of natures’ many ironies that such a voracious predator could possess such strong parental instincts as to store their eggs in their mouths.


Tulamben lionfish taming

Taming their population in the waters of the Caribbean is needed because they’re an invasive species to that environment, which is not their natural environment to begin with.

Before diving Tulamben?

This is one of the easiest skills to learn (which isn’t even performed underwater!), and is unfortunately overlooked.

Strolling to Boga!

Divers are delighted to find themselves following a pathway from the local Balinese temple that faces the sea, to the entry point of Kubu’s most popular dive site – Boga Wreck!

Balinese Bannerfish

The species is native to the waters of Bali and the Indian Ocean, yet they can’t seem to study us enough…as much as we can’t seem to get enough of studying them!

Why are boxfish…box-shaped?

Over millions of years, the family of boxfish evolved to best survive, which meant better swimming technique; faster propulsion to steer clear of its natural predators.