Balinese Bannerfish

Balinese bannerfish…are really no different to any other bannerfish of tropical seas in the Indo-Pacific!

Though, even when simply snorkelling with the member of the butterflyfish family along Tulamben’s shoreline, is quite mesmerising! Recently, we’ve been obsessing over the horned bannerfish (Heniochus varius) at Bali Dream Divers’, for their agile and graceful movements in the water; curious, yet shy disposition towards divers and snorkellers alike. The species is native to the waters of Bali and the Indian Ocean, yet they can’t seem to study us enough…as much as we can’t seem to get enough of studying them!

They’ve made a lovely home in the shallow coral reefs of our nearby fish nursery called Coral Garden, where our PADI Instructors offer tours to those ‘first-timers’ in SCUBA! Discover a world like no other when you ‘Try Scuba’ on our PADI Discover Scuba Diving program! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ who will incorporate your awesome dive adventure in one of our ‘Stay & Dive’ packages.


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