Copepod-loving Bali pipefish

A copepod-loving Bali pipefish is the Janss’ pipefish (Doryrhamphus janssi), and because of their diet of copepod’s (a parasite), they exist in symbiosis with damselfish and cardinalfish.

What we at Bali Dream Divers love most about them? Is that the male of their species carry their eggs in a brood pouch (like their seahorse cousin!) Most pipefish will be monogamous, or at least seasonally; except for when there’s a benefit of furthering their population, some females will exhibit polyandry (2 or more male partners). This is because a female possesses more eggs than one male can carry! So, an alternative relationship model is needed so no eggs are wasted.

Find an alternative lifestyle when you GoPRO on our ‘PADI Divemaster Challenge’ this coming ‘high season’ in Tulamben, Bali! Experience the dive lifestyle when you contact the ‘Dream Team’ for unique and personalised ‘Stay & Dive’ package!


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  1. Sisterwives for all Religion! Really is just a great life, Polygamy is the best way to live. Even a group marriages is considered polygamy.


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