Strolling to Boga!

Everyone’s really excited to be strolling to Boga! Where is Boga? It’s not a ‘where’, it’s a ‘what’…not even a ‘what’ because she’s an exciting shipwreck off the coast of Kubu Village!

With a little road trip from Tulamben village (literally 5 minutes’ drive!), and a 5-minute stroll through lightly forested area along the beach; divers are delighted to find themselves following a pathway from the local Balinese temple that faces the sea, to the entry point of Kubu’s most popular dive site – Boga Wreck! Bali Dream Divers’ professional PADI Instructors encourage PADI Open Water divers to experience this wreck as their first deep dive adventure, which they can credit towards their PADI Advanced Open Water diver certification in future!

The Boga Shipwreck starts at 18 metres depth, with it’s stern at 32 mtres and propellers at 38 metres – it’s a fantastic dive site for training both recreational and professional divers to gain their confidence and continue their dive education! But before we take that drive to Kubu Village to experience the Boga Shipwreck, contact our ‘Dream Team’ to create an itinerary to suit your Bali travels!


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