Before diving Tulamben?

What do we do before diving Tulamben? Or diving anywhere for that matter? A pre-dive safety check, or buddy check.

Step 1: Know how to use and test all inflate and deflate methods of your buddy’s buoyancy control device, as well as your own.
Step 2: Know how to use the weight-release mechanism used by your dive buddy as well as your own.
Step 3: …well, we don’t want to ‘give away the whole farm‘ so to speak!
But our Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Instructors insist all PADI Advanced Open Water Diver students, as well as all certified divers to perform the necessary steps before each and every dive. This is one of the easiest skills to learn (which isn’t even performed underwater!), and is unfortunately overlooked usually due to diver complacency. However, just completing the steps can avoid any potential problems that occur from the human error of overlooking this simple skill!

Divers really start to pay attention to these simple (but oh-so-necessary!) dive skills when completing their GoPRO certification: PADI Divemaster. The dive lifestyle needn’t be a dream any longer when you contact our ‘Dream Team’ to discuss the requirements of our ‘Divemaster Challenge’ this coming 2017 Bali ‘high season’!


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