Tulamben lionfish taming

Tulamben lionfish taming is not needed in the waters of our quiet village in Bali’s north east, because lionfish are not aggressive by nature.

Although taming their population in the waters of the Caribbean is needed because they’re an invasive species to that environment, which is not their natural environment to begin with. Pictured is a spotfin lionfish (Pterois antennata), a very common species in the Indo-Pacific where our Bali Dream Divers PADI professionals dive everyday. Though they may be common, we don’t see more than 1 or 2 (maybe as many as 4) at one time during a single dive or even altogether during the day. However, in the west Atlantic, the spotfin lionfish cousins, devil firefish (Pterois miles) and red lionfish (Pterois volitans), have experienced a population ‘bloom’ to such an extent. These two species have preyed on the marine life, which naturally breed in the area, and they are starting to disappear. This is just one reason why we discourage aquarium trade!

Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to support the lionfish family when you see them underwater on a ‘Stay & Dive’ package designed by our joint efforts, because it’s a joint effort to keep our environment healthy!


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