Maternal shrimps in Bali

Even the peacock mantis (Odontodactylus scyllarus), belonging to the approximately 400-strong mantis shrimp family, are one of the maternal shrimps in Bali!

It’s one of natures’ many ironies that such a voracious predator could possess such strong parental instincts as to store their eggs in their mouths. Their prey stand very little chance of surviving their smashing raptor-like appendages, which can reach such speeds that its intensity creates sonoluminescence. Not that this phenomenon (speed creating light from an imploding bubble) can be detected by divers without advanced scientific equipment – but it’s fascinating nonetheless! Imagine it as a mini-‘Big Bang’…on a very small scale!

Not too often do we see these ‘fierce-Mama’ peacock mantis shrimps holding their eggs in broad daylight, but we do see them smashing up rubble creating their burrows in coral reef. Before arriving in Tulamben, create your preferred ‘Stay & Dive’ package with our Bali Dream Divers PADI Diving Instructors and ‘Dream Team’ when you contact us!


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