Navigating to Liberty!

There’s plenty of interesting features to use for practise, such as Balinese statues and temples, shipwrecks and awesomely creative man-made structures dotted along the reef to encourage coral growth!


Family dive adventure in Bali

Don’t be discouraged from enjoying outdoor activities like scuba diving when you have a young family, our PADI Pros make it work!

Touring Tulamben

Lots of outdoor activities apart from scuba diving that can be experienced in such tropical nature as this paradise in Indonesia!

First Aid for diving Bali

For professional PADI divers, skills in first aid and CPR are required training and refreshing to confidently execute their roles as dive leaders to other divers.

Rescue yourself in Tulamben

It’s essential to be confident in your own judgment, dive skills and leadership qualities, to be able to inspire another diver to gain their own confidence in scuba diving.

Tulamben’s sweetlips

Sweetlips species that are in high numbers at the wreck are the oriental sweetlips (Plectorhinchus vittatus), and they offer stunning photography when in a large school with the Liberty for a backdrop!

Cleaning the Bali Sea

Witness the trust between a cleaner shrimp in the jaws of the great barracuda (USAT Liberty Shipwreck resident!) when you dive with our Bali Dream Divers’ experienced PADI Pro Divers!

Focusing on Bali’s Tulamben

Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Instructors are lovers of underwater photography themselves, and students find their passion infectious!