Precious ‘ribbons’ of Tulamben

Scientific name for the precious ‘ribbons’ of Tulamben‘s Coral Garden fish nursery is Rhinomuraena quaesita!

Commonly called ribbon eels due to their ribbon-like appearance, and how they sway in the water (especially when there’s current!) Beginning their lives as male and then changing their gender to female in adult life is known as protandric hermaphroditism. The species will signal their sex change and life phase into adulthood through their colouration too – juveniles being black with a yellow dorsal fin; blue with the yellow fin as adults (pictured). How wonderfully efficient nature is!

Witness the ribbon eel in its natural habitat of Tulamben’s shallow fish nursery dive site and other coral reefs when you contact our ‘Dream Team’ to arrange a suitable ‘Stay & Dive’ package as part of your Bali Dream Divers’ scuba diving adventure!


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