Cleaning the Bali Sea

We have to praise those who make their life purpose cleaning the Bali Sea, and that’s the cleaner shrimp families!

Cleaner shrimps are remarkable decapod crustaceans with an ‘OCD for cleanliness’! These critters exist in a symbiotic relationship with particular fish species, as they remove parasites from the fish (hence their name: cleaner shrimp), which keeps the fish healthy and in turn the shrimp obtain their nutrition – ‘win-win’ situation!

The bountiful number of cleaner shrimp species are integral to the coral reef ecosystem, so they can be found at every dive site in Tulamben, from depths of 0-80+ metres. Witness the trust between a cleaner shrimp in the jaws of the great barracuda (USAT Liberty Shipwreck resident!) when you dive with our Bali Dream Divers’ experienced PADI Pro Divers! Just contact the ‘Dream Team’ for a ‘Stay & Dive’ package that suits you!


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