Tulamben’s sweetlips

Tulamben’s sweetlips (Plectorhinchus) are numerous at every dive site, but none so numerous as at the world famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck!

Sweetlips species that are in high numbers at the wreck are the oriental sweetlips (Plectorhinchus vittatus), and they offer stunning photography when in a large school with the Liberty for a backdrop! For many months now, a giant sweetlips (Plectorhinchus obscurus) has taken residency at the USAT Liberty too – a species of this family that’s difficult to ignore for its 1-metre length! First identified in 1872, there’s still much to learn about this species, as well as its other family members. Best way to learn fish behaviour is to witness them in their natural environment.

Assist our PADI Pro Divers at Bali Dream Divers in Tulamben to discover more about marine life when you experience one of our ‘Stay & Dive’ packages! Simply contact the ‘Dream Team’ who will offer a quick response to include a suitable program as part of your Bali adventure!


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