First Aid for diving Bali

What is the necessary first aid for diving in Bali? Well, first aid skills are necessary in general, whether in the context of scuba diving or simply cooking in our kitchen!

For professional PADI divers, skills in first aid and CPR are required training and frequently practised to confidently execute their roles as dive leaders to other divers. Is it not prudent to take advice and instruction from those with the experience, education and knowledge when participating in some new experience? Especially if you’re completing the entry-level PADI Open Water diver course, it’s a comfort to know your PADI Instructor is more than capable in any emergency situation – so much so, that they can judge a situation to prevent it from developing into an emergency at all!

PADI Divemaster candidates this Bali ‘high season’ will shadow (assist) our PADI Pro Divers in their various programs and courses to gain an insight on good judgment! Contact the ‘Dream Team’ to discuss the GoPRO course in more detail, and they are certain you will find that dive professional confidence will apply to all areas of your life…not just your dive lifestyle!


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