Touring Tulamben

Touring Tulamben on scooter is probably the best way and value-for-money method of transport found on Bali island!

Lots of outdoor activities apart from scuba diving can be experienced in such a tropical nature as this paradise in Indonesia! Just walking along the coastal shoreline of Tulamben village, you could come across, snails, insects, and even goats! Take a ride up into the mountainous rainforest to swim at majestic waterfalls, and you could be lucky enough to get up-close-and-personal with stunningly colourful birds!

Would you like to explore Bali independently, more of a ‘rolling stone’? You will find Balinese people to be wonderfully helpful in offering their guidance along the route of your journey. Would you rather more structure to your adventure? Hire a driver/tour guide/translator with private transportation to accompany you for the day. Contact Bali Dream Divers’ ‘Dream Team’ in either case, who will arrange the particulars for you!


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