Bali Dream Divers: ‘Dorid-holics’!

Bali Dream Divers: ‘Dorid-holics’! We are self-confessed dorid nudibranch obsessives here in Tulamben, Bali!

And it’s simply not our fault! You’d understand just at the sight of hypselodoris maculosa (pictured), with its varying patterns of dots and stripes against marbling hues of red, pinks, purples and creams. Sounds more like a desert than a sea slug! All divers, not only PADI Pro Divers, are in Tulamben to spot as many nudibranchs than they could ever dream of during their dive travel adventure! One of the well known dive sites where nudibranchs are most likely to be captured through the lens for underwater photographers is the Coral Garden fish nursery. And it’s right next door to the world famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck too – even more photographic beauty!

Contact our ‘Dream Team’ for more information on other dive sites around the Tulamben area, including Amed and Kubu, and begin your journey into the Bali dive lifestyle!


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