Enter nirvana (Bali!)

Know that you enter nirvana (Bali!) whenever passing through a gate structure such as at many local temples in Tulamben.

This gate (pictured) is a split gate known as candi bentar and there would usually be stairs or a few steps leading to it before entering a compound, such as a cemetery, religious area, palaces…and even some homes really! Symbolically, the candi bentar represents a boundary between the outer world (nista mandala) and the peaceful inner sanctum…or nirvana to some. There are many temples all over Bali island, and some are so intricately carved that the size and artistic design of the candi bentar is so commanding in its own right!

Yes, we at Bali Dream Divers love Bali for more than just her underwater beauty – believe it or not! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ for assistance in travel arrangements for a tour of nearby traditional Balinese temples!


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