The Magnificent Chromodoris!

Presenting the Magnificent Chromodoris!…and that’s exactly the name of this nudibranch species too!

Magnificent chromodoris (Chromodoris magnifica) is part of the Chromodorididae family of sea slugs, and found (you’ve guessed it!) in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific, such as Bali, Indonesia! As one of the more strikingly and vibrantly coloured of its family, it gets a lot of attention from scuba divers when spotted among the coral reefs of Tulamben’s dive sites. There’s been a recent discovery of a nudibranch species spotted on a shipwreck in the mercilessly cold north sea – these ‘beauties’ can be found anywhere in our seas and oceans!

Though the Indo-Pacific isn’t just a heavenly paradise for divers (thanks to the warm tropical water!), but it’s as heavenly a paradise for nudibranchs too – where most of the 2,300 species live. And so often, there’s a new species discovered in the tropics, so take every opportunity when you dive with our Bali Dream Divers’ PADI Pro Divers to scan the reefs for a discovery of your own! Arrange a ‘Stay & Dive’ package to suit your Tulamben dive experience when you contact the ‘Dream Team’ soon!


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