Tulamben, Bali: Blessed by angels!

Tulamben, Bali: Blessed by angels!…in the form of angelfish (Pomacanthidae)!

An absolutely stunning marine fish family, with great variation in patterning and colouration between species, and one of our favourites to see when diving in Tulamben is the emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator)! Not to come across as a staunch feminist or anything, but the naming of the species may be misleading, because there are empresses (females should we say!) Whether they’re in a juvenile phase or adult, they are the typical tropical fish with their stunning bright and vivid colours. A word to the wise for those that appreciate this about fish (and most divers do, especially our PADI Pro Divers at Bali Dream Divers): captivating angelfish in aquariums will cause their colour to turn bland as they mature. This is how these fish communicate their illness – showing they’re only truly healthy and happy in their own environment of the open sea!

So do your part for the marine environment and only view these spectacular creatures through the awesome sport of scuba diving when you visit Tulamben! Contact our ‘Dream Team’ to organise a ‘Stay & Dive’ package to witness marine life behaviour when they are truly happy!


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