The Bali scuba family!

Before you know it, the family are closer than ever through never ending conversations of their shared dive experience to become lifelong memories they will all treasure!


Hovering into PADI Open Water

When a diver masters their buoyancy, just about any skill can be mastered! And don’t be surprised to dream about continuing your dive education!

Staying shallow in Tulamben

Marc and Alba could hardly stand it as their PADI Instructor guided them at the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, all the while staying shallow in Tulamben’s world famous dive site…because they wanted to dive deeper!

Tulamben’s ‘starry’ waters

Their near-identical twin-cousins, Fromia nodosa, have staggering similarities that it’s hard to distinguish between the two…not that we mind, as they’re equally beautiful ‘ornaments’ of the reef ecosystem.

Underwater rainbows of Bali

Yellowtail wrasse, is one of the more intricately and obscenely colourful adults of the Coris genus; belonging to the enormously populated wrasse family.

Volcanic Bali

Give thanks to Mount Agung when you dive at the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, where you will see how the structure of the wreck has been preserved by the lava and also caused coral growth to flourish!