Volcanic Bali

Black pebble beaches will be found along a majority of the islands’ north east coastline due to ‘a volcanic Bali’ history!

Mount Agung’s last eruption was 1963, devastating numerous villages…except for the Mother Temple of Besakih; now regarded as the most important temple on Bali due to the belief that the Gods saved the monument, which is located on the slope of Mount Agung. Since then she’s been peacefully watching over how her lava flow has developed the natural beauty of the ‘Island of the Gods’. Give thanks to Mount Agung when you dive at the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, where you will see how the structure of the wreck has been preserved by the lava and also caused coral growth to flourish! It’s thanks to this volcano that we may dive on Liberty at all, as she was beached on the shores of Tulamben for many years before the eruption.

Ask our PADI Instructors and Pro Divers about the rich history of the USAT Liberty and her resting place of Tulamben, Bali! Dive on one of the worlds’ most historical wrecks when contact our ‘Dream Team’ who will create a program to suit your Bali adventure!


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