Exposing Tulamben’s cowries

Night dives are the best time for exposing Tulamben’s cowries (Cypraea tigris)…rarely will we see the shy sea snail extend its mantle during the daylight!

First off, the shell of the tiger cowry is what attracts divers to inspect them. The gloss of it and burnished brown speckles and splotches against a creamy white background is so eye-catching! Swedish naturalist, Carl Linnaeus, certainly thought so when creating a formal taxonomic system of naming organisms: binomial nomenclature. So the tiger cowry has kept its original scientific name since Linnaeus’ discovery of the ‘beaut’!

Tiger cowries participate in hunting for their food during the night, just as many other marine life do. Add a night dive to your ‘Stay & Dive’ package when you contact our Bali Dream Divers’ ‘Dream Team’, and have the ‘eye of the tiger’ to search for the cowry in Tulamben’s waters!


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