Underwater rainbows of Bali

Rainbow wrasse swim everywhere in Tulamben, and are affectionately thought of amongst Bali Dream Divers‘ PADI Pro Divers as our underwater rainbows of Bali!

Coris gaimard (pictured; juvenile), commonly named yellowtail wrasse, is one of the more intricately and obscenely colourful adults of the Coris genus; belonging to the enormously populated wrasse family. With 600-strong species in this fish family, it’s no surprise to learn that their ‘tribe’ have grown to such numbers due to their broodcare behaviour. This is exceptional evolution (one that dinosaurs exhibited) is to ensure the next generations’ survival. There is no distinction of personal offspring – all juveniles are all adults’ offspring. A new generation is given every care by the parent generation who will sacrifice themselves to further the species – defining unconditional love!

We must try to behave as these rainbow wrasse and have an unconditional love for our seas and oceans, and of course one another! Join us in the Bali Sea to share that love for our underwater world through scuba diving, by simply contacting our ‘Dream Team’ to organise your ‘Stay & Dive’ program in Tulamben!


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