‘Buffaloes’ migrating through Tulamben!

Hearing that ‘crunch, crunch, crunch’ underwater at sunrise can only mean ‘buffaloes’ migrating through Tulamben!

Buffalo parrotfish, bumphead parrotfsih or humphead parrotfish, are actually residents of Tulamben – specifically the world famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck! So the crunching we were referring to is their feeding on the rubbly coral around the slopes and ridges of the coral reef, which is an important ‘recycling’ for the marine ecosystem. These 5-foot long, muscular fish are tremendously agile for their size – you wouldn’t believe it until you saw it! Luckily, they begin and end their day in the shallow areas of Tulamben’s coral garden fish nursery dive site and the Liberty Wreck to visit their juveniles…so even on snorkel we can enjoy their presence!

For those looking for a humbling experience in adventure travel to witness one of natures’ underwater creatures, contact our Bali Dream Divers’ ‘Dream Team’ for a suitable ‘Stay & Dive’ Tulamben package!


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