Tulamben’s ‘starry’ waters

Necklace starfish (Fromia monilis) are one of the causes of Tulamben‘s ‘starry’ waters, and we are so grateful to them!

Their near-identical twin-cousins, Fromia nodosa, have staggering similarities that it’s hard to distinguish between the two…not that we mind, as they’re equally beautiful ‘ornaments’ of the reef ecosystem. Part of the echinoderm family, their evolutionary history is fascinating and their first fossil records date back as far as the Precambrian period (approx. 4.6 billion years ago)! Being a descendant of such an old family, it’s no surprise echinoderms have awesome ‘powers’ a their disposal, such as regeneration. After any attack from predators, they have the ability to replace limbs or organs lost. In some species, a single limb can start to develop into a new individual.

Those that may be docile and slow ‘shakers’ are sometimes some of the most interesting marine life and there’s plenty variations of the echinoderm family here in Tulamben to see! Contact the ‘Dream Team’ to arrange your next dive adventure travel while staying at our lovely bungalow villa accommodation too.


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