‘Clowning’ about Tulamben

‘Clowning’ about Tulamben are Clark’s anemonefish (Amphiprion clarkii), and will usually be getting up to their ‘antics’ in the beaded sea anemone (Heteractis aurora)…why?

The beaded sea anemone is part of the Stichodactylidae family, and a family that lives in tropical waters, such as the salty Bali Sea where Tulamben village is located. A temptation to reach their fingers into a beaded sea anemone to caress their anemonefish host is familiar among the dive community. But you might want to think twice about that! This family of sea anemones have a few species members that possess a fatal venomous sting – potent enough to cause anaphylactic shock! So divers may not have enough of a symbiotic relationship with certain sea anemones (which some anemonefish do, as they are unaffected by the venom), it doesn’t discount us from visiting their marine environment from time to time.

Be a prudent diver and respect the aquatic realm when you are guided by our professional PADI divers at Bali Dream Divers on a ‘Stay & Dive’ package. Create one suited for your Bali adventure of SAFE scuba diving when you contact our ‘Dream Team’!


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